Thursday, March 31, 2011

Identity Project

New business card design, shirt tags, stickers, button backings, etc. I'm trying clean up Vuduberi look and make sure things feel more cohesive. Now they match the website design a little more.

Sir Squeaks Von Snugsalot

I went to Thailand for 3 weeks! My sister got married. She had 2 weddings, a small Thai wedding and a Big standard wedding that were a week apart. I didn't get to draw at all in Thailand >_<. Everyday was so chaotic, and by the end of each day, I'd be so tired. It wasn't really a vacation because so many things went wrong. Of course my sister's weddings were beautiful, but my grandfather passed away in Thailand during the same week, so I also had to go to his funeral. I felt bad because a lot of people were really sad and it was hard to celebrate Pailin's wedding when a lot of the family members were grieving grandfather's death. Then there was an ashes ceremony. I also found out that my cat food got recalled, so I had to call the pet sitters, so they ran around looking for food for the kitties. In addition, there was also that big accident with Mewmew, so I was calling America all the time trying to figure things out.

That's briefly what happened in March.

On to one of the new drawing for the up coming New People Trunk Show:
Sir Squeaks Von Snugsalot