Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Post Kickstarter Project - So many packages!

I have spent the past week packaging and mailing everything. It felt like gift wrapping 200 packages. Doing it all alone took so long, but I think (hope) that everyone will be happy with the packages. I have this habit of overdoing the packages possibly because I actually really do love package designs. I always thought that if I didn't become an artist, I'd be a graphic designer specializing in packages. My professional graphic designer friend told me that no one would hire me though because my package designs would cost too much to make lol. Nice Package design does add so much to the product to me though! 

Anyways, before I go off on a tangent again, let's get back to the Kickstarter packages. Look! This is why it took me a week. I was staying up until 5 am for a few nights too @_@.  

Tada! Almost 200 boxes.
I must say that I usually love those tear by hand packaging tape that Scotch makes, but when you have to package so many, I started to feel like it was peeling off the top layer of my fingers so much that it left my finger tip feeling all raw. Note to self: Next time, buy the regular packaging tape that's not only cheaper, but will save the outer layer of the skin of your finger too...

 See, I hand cut all those strips of papers forgetting that everything I do is multiply by 200. I bought a pretty cork board display even if they are kind of pricy, but I really wanted these packages to feel much more special than what you'd normally get when you purchase pins.

And all the pins have a unique backing design and they have to be hand packaged as well. That's like a thousand pins. @_@;

Phew~ I wonder if it actually makes a difference to the receivers weather it comes in a nicely packaged box or just an envelope. I sure hope so :).