Monday, March 30, 2015

Yeti and Sasquatch Plush dolls

Baby Yeti Sticker

Our Yeti and Sasquatch plush dolls are done! Yay! I have been reminded again how difficult it is to produce your own product.  It was such a crazy process. There were times when I think "why am I doing this to myself?!" When it's my own product, I really do want to make sure it is "perfect". Well, as perfect as I can possibly make it with whatever means I have at least. Other than making sure that the translation of the design has to be done well, the materials also has to be carefully chosen. The colors of the materials also have to be just right. There were so many prototype revisions down to crazy changes on embroidery colors (subtle hue changes even) to make sure that everything looks right. My sister is the quality control girl and I couldn't do this with out her. She's so good at the little details.

Good Job, Team!

Baby Yeti Embroidery Details

Baby Sasquatch Embroidery Details

Bonus Pic of my 3 year old Nephew. Aww~

By the way, I will be selling them at San Diego Comic Con this year. Please come by and support me!